Cement Department

Cement Department

We will achieve a bright and successful future by acquiring a sustainable model that is our core business strategy.

As the first in the cement industry, we measure greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of our products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the amount of electricity needed and also provide advanced, low-cost and economical solutions for better future.


The universe is changing and growing and also demand is increasing but resources are limited and most of the heat is due to the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Concrete is the main consumer of cement and the most consumed material in the world after water.

According to the calculations, the consumption of concrete doubles until 2050. World population growth is expected to increase in 2050 and this means that cities will need more high-rise construction, which will require renewed attention to obtain new and innovative resources and solutions.

Reducing the harmful effects on nature requires public cooperation to create a cleaner and greener world for life.

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CEDEX company develops, produces and markets intelligent solutions that make construction,mining and tunneling projects.